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Refrigeration system of plastic machinery industry

Refrigeration system of plastic machinery industry

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The application solution of the cold water machine in the pipeline industry
Plastic injection molding, blow molding, blow molding, plastic film blowing, calendering film
Accurately control the temperature of various plastic processing, shorten the beer molding cycle, and ensure the stability of product quality.
(1) injection mold cooling
The plastic particles are injected into the mold after heating and dissolved. After the condensation, the mold is ejecting the molded plastic workpiece. In the continuous production process, the mold is cooled to shorten the setting time of the plastic, improve the precision of the workpiece size, the quality of the molding and the surface quality. The temperature requirement of frozen water is 6 - 18 degrees C, and the temperature difference of frozen water is: 2K or 0.5K. The cooling capacity of chiller is related to the injection volume of injection molding machine (usually called "an"), and the larger the injection volume, the greater the refrigeration capacity. (the injection machine is usually called "tonnage" of the clamping force, which needs to convert "tonnage" into "Ann", but "tonnage" is not a one-to-one correspondence between "tonnage" and "Ann". The following control table is only a general case of the conversion relationship, and there is a certain up and down deviation.
(2) extrusion
Extruded tubes, grooves, cables and all kinds of plastic profiles. The heating and melting material is cooled by a cold water bath after molding, and the water temperature in the freezing bath must be kept constant. Because the production speed is high, the unit needs large cooling capacity. If the freezing pond is large enough, the unit will not be equipped with water tanks.
(3) blowing the bottle
The main production of various kinds of mineral water bottles, steam and water bottles. Compressed air drying - bottle blowing requires clean and dry compressed air, and the frozen water supplied by industrial chiller can be used as a cold source to remove moisture from compressed air. Mold cooling - cold water function accurately controls mold temperature, improves product quality and improves production efficiency. Compressed air drying and mold cooling can use the same chiller as cold source.
(4) thermal molding
The most common products are some small containers, such as yogurt cups. Plastics are extruded at a constant frequency. It is very important to maintain a constant temperature. The temperature range of the frozen water is very high, so a proportional freeze-water valve is required to adjust the temperature accurately.
(5) hydraulic system
The hydraulic system is required to complete the die opening, clamping and injection. The hydraulic oil absorbs the energy of the hydraulic pump, and the oil temperature can not be higher than 60 degrees. The cooling water temperature is about 27 degrees centigrade. Because the water temperature is not the same as the mold, it is necessary to separate the electric water valve from the die cooling circuit or need an independent cooling system.


Injection molding process
The application field of the cold water machine is quite wide. Today, Kelly chiller discusses some knowledge that the cold water machine should master in the injection industry. It mainly provides several methods of cold water machine with injection molding machine, hoping to help the manufacturer of injection molding machine.
1HP water-cooled chiller can be equipped with 80 tons of clamping force injection molding machine, and the temperature is controlled at 5-10 degrees.
1HP water-cooled chiller can be equipped with 100 tons of clamping force injection molding machine, and the temperature is controlled at 10-15 degrees.
1HP water-cooled chiller can be equipped with 120 tons of clamping force injection molding machine, and the temperature is controlled at 15-20 degrees.
The air-cooled chiller matches 0.8 times of the water-cooled chiller.
The 1HP water-cooled chiller can be equipped with a single injection of 10 QZ injection molding machine temperature control at 5-10 degrees. Injection volume 1QZ=28.35g.