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How to identify inferior refrigerants? What effect does refrigerant purity have on the system?

How to identify inferior refrigerants? What effect does refrigerant purity have on the system?

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Discriminate poor quality refrigerant
Inferior refrigerants can affect the system's operating performance and stability, and more serious damage to system components and compressors. There are several ways to identify if it is a poor refrigerant:
1. Whether to purchase refrigerants produced by regular manufacturers through formal channels, such as refrigerants whose prices are significantly lower than the market price, should be highly vigilant.
2. If you have the test conditions, it is recommended to check the purity and acidity before using the refrigerant. It is not recommended for refrigerants whose test results are significantly lower than the industry standard. Note: The purity of qualified R22 refrigerant should be greater than 99% (high-quality refrigerant purity is greater than 99.8%), and acidity (in terms of HCL) should be less than 0.0001.
3. If you do not have refrigerant detection conditions, it is recommended to perform a simple check before using the refrigerant. The simple check method can be:
[1], invert the refrigerant tank and release a small amount of refrigerant onto a piece of white paper. If there are obvious impurities or liquid water on the white paper, the refrigerant quality is not good, it is not recommended;
[2], press the pressure gauge to test the refrigerant bottle pressure, compare the refrigerant temperature and pressure characteristics table, check whether the pressure inside the bottle is within the normal value range, if the pressure is obviously abnormal, it is not recommended. And when the refrigerant is used halfway, the pressure inside the bottle can be tested again. For the single component refrigerant of R22, the pressure of the two measuring bottles should be very close, but for the inferior refrigerant, usually mixed with various components, the bottle After the use of the internal refrigerant, the bottle pressure will usually vary greatly due to the change of the composition ratio. If such a phenomenon occurs, it is recommended to immediately deactivate the refrigerant and discharge the refrigerant that has been charged into the system to avoid Pollution system.
4. In the system debugging and running phase, if the following abnormal phenomena are found:
[1], the refrigeration capacity of the system is obviously insufficient, and the refrigerant should be paid attention to when the inspection does not find other abnormalities;
[2], the system dryer filter or expansion valve is blocked, and the blockage is yellow-brown waxy or black sludge-like foreign matter should pay attention to the refrigerant;
[3], high and low pressure or temperature anomalies occur during system operation, or the system balance pressure is abnormal during shutdown (can refer to the refrigerant temperature and pressure characteristics table), and attention should be paid to the refrigerant. When these anomalies occur, it is recommended to extract refrigerant from the system for purity testing to check for the risk of inferior refrigerants. During this time, it is recommended to vent the compressor side refrigerant or to release the system-wide refrigerant to avoid potentially inferior refrigerant contact with the compressor and damage the compressor.
Once the unit components or compressors are found to be faulty due to chemical contamination caused by inferior refrigerants, the unit that used the same source of refrigerant in the field (even if the unit is still functioning properly) will need to be replaced. Because the effects of hazardous chemicals in inferior refrigerants are sometimes slow, they can cause system failure after a long period of use.
Impact of refrigerant purity on the system
The refrigerant is the blood of the compressor. The purity of the refrigerant is especially important for the cold storage refrigeration equipment. The most obvious phenomenon is: the cold storage filled with high-purity refrigerant, the cooling effect is obvious, the temperature drop is fast, and the cooling capacity is Large; low-purity refrigerants not only fail to reach the desired drop temperature, but also damage the compressor. So what are the negative effects of low refrigerant purity?
1. High water content and high acidity, which seriously corrode the internal piping system of the compressor, causing the internal compressor to block and shorten the service life of the compressor.
2, easy to leak, no refrigeration in the refrigeration system, the compressor has been idling, high operating temperature, large wear parts, will also shorten the life of the compressor.
3. Increase the operating load of the compressor, increase the consumption of electric energy, and increase expenses.
4. Some inferior refrigerants are even doped with many flammable and explosive gases, which seriously affect people's lives and property.
5, the cooling effect is poor, the problem is frequent, although the addition of inferior refrigerant will temporarily feel the cool, but the temperature is always difficult to fall, not the expected cooling effect.
6. Freon in the refrigerant will destroy the ozone layer once it leaks, causing great harm to the atmosphere on which humans depend.
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