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Water cooled screw chiller (single compressor)
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Water cooled screw chiller (single compressor)

Features of Unit
1.Compact structure, smooth operation
The condenser, dry evaporator all adopt efficient heat pipe. The host is imported high efficient semi-closed double screw compressor. With compact structure, small volume, light weight, stable performance, low noise, small vibration, and many other advantages.
2.Perfect capacity control system
The capacity control system is devided into 4 levels, adjustable between 100%,75%,50%,25%, 0%. Automatically adjust the unit start-stop according to the load changes, that more energy saving.
3.Refrigeration system run independently
With two or more independent cooling circuits, even if a circuit failure or maintenance, another loop can run normally. Especially suitable for the industrial which work on 24hours.
4.Easy operation.
The operating state of screw water chillers is display on screen at any time, there are two way to be clear at a glance by graphics and text form parameters.
5.The protective function which with microcomputer controller.
Adopt microcomputer and programmable controller (PLC in Chinese or English), touch screen display, select the operation according to the menu, direct finger touch screen display button to start the various protection functions
6.Multiple protection, safe and reliable
In addition to the compressor internal protection module provides super under-voltage, lack of phase, overload and so on protections, Pressure control device of cooling system can make perfectly safe work for the unit.
7.Easy to install and use
All unit have been tested and check safety control devices before ship, with full refrigerant. Just need connect water pipe and circuit by the end user for putting into use, that minimize the time for installation and commissioning.
1.Cooling conditions for above specifications: Chilled water inlet 12° C, outlet 7° C, cooling water inle30° C, outlet 35° C, fouling factor 0.0001mm²° C\W;
2.The above specification will change due to product improvement, without prior notice. Please contact us before order if you have special requirements .
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