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Hunan Kelly always adheres to the business philosophy of "quality first service, integrity, cooperation and cooperation" for the company's guiding ideology to provide better quality products and services for customers.

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Cooling tower

Product Description
Kare cooling tower devided into standard type and high temperature type according to the inlet water temperature. The water flow range is between 6m3/h - 1250 m3/h, and deviced into multiple models which applicable to all kinds of air conditioning system and industrial production. 
Features of Unit
1.FRP cooling tower: anti-corrosion, light-weight, small size, attractive and durable. Convenience to transport, install and maintain. Especially applicable to air conditioning, refrigeration, air compressor station, heating furnace, and
condensation process and other cooling water circulation system.
2.FRP counter flow round cooling tower adopt counterflow heat exchange technology, high quality PP/PVC infilling for enlarge water spay area. The rotating water distribute way to achieving a uniform water distribution, enhance the cooling effect. We have made some locality improvement for appearance design of this series of products, in order to make its operation more reliable and durable, and convenient to assemble.
1.Cooling conditions for above specifications: Chilled water temperature inlet 12° C, outlet 7° C, ambient temperature:dry-bulb 35° C/ wet-bulb 24° C.
2.The above specification will change due to product improvement, without prior notice. Please contact us before order if you have special requirements .
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