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Cold Storage Screw Three-Parallel Units(Water cooler)
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Cold Storage Screw Three-Parallel Units(Water cooler)

Product Description
Parallel screw refrigeration unit is our company products, which is born according to the process of cold storage development, mainly used in refrigeration aspect. Using well-known brand compressor, As Hanbell, Bitzer, Frascold, RefComp and so on, Compressor brand can choose according to customer requirements.
Product Feature
1、Energy-Efficient Economy, accurate control
Using multiple compressor parallel combination,Output power adjustment based on the amount of cooling demand, Greatly improving the efficiency of refrigeration compressors, Reduce power consumption, cost savings
2、Refrigeration stability, high reliability 
When one compressor or a few compressor failure, the others can take the place, Ensure the normal operation of cold storage with high reliability.
3、Complete security measures 
The system has a number of protective measures, such as high Iow pressure protection, oil differential protection, thermal protection, overload protection, Gap protection, Iow pressure protection. Ensure safe and reliable operation of the compressor.
4、Long life
When the load is reduced, and system can adjust the number of running time of the compressor according to the load demand, thereby extending the life of the compressor.
1、Cooling conditions for above specifications: high temperature-15℃/+40℃ ,Cold storage-30℃/+40℃;
2、Heat recovery unit can be added in the above specifications.
3、The above specification will change due to product improvement, without prior notice. Please contact us before order if you have special requirements.
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