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Auto cascade low-temperature chiller units
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Auto cascade low-temperature chiller units

Product Description
Cascade low-temperature chiller is designed based on years of experience in development and combining various actual measured working parameters. The third generation of Cascade low-temperature chiller, it has the characteristics of stable performance, high efficiency, high automatic control. We provide -135 ~ -40 ℃ cold source for low-temperature liquid.
Scope of application: medicine, chemical reaction at low temperature, metal material processing, low temperature test, superconductivity, etc.
Product Feature
1.Imported from Germany Bitzer compressor for the host, the main components are internationally famous brands, with Germany Siemen industrial PLC and micro-computer control system. The system is safe and reliable, full automatic control systems, no hand operation, automatic alarm function.
2.cascade low-temperature chiller with better and more stable system. Can satisfy the cold source demand of industrial production which work on 24 hours.
3.We provide -80 ~ -40 ℃ cold source for lowtemperature liquid.
1.Cooling Conditions for above refrigerating capacity: Refrigerating medium is alcohol, cooling water inlet 32℃ , outle t 37℃ .
2.Cooling range: Chilled water outlet temperature 22℃ ~37℃ , inlet temperature difference 3.5℃ ~10℃ . Refrigerating fluid outlet temperature -35℃ ~-50℃ , inlet temperature difference 2.5℃ ~10℃ .
3.Auto Cascade low temperature chiller Technical: With pairing stainless steel wire silk tooth connection for refrigerating fluid inlet and outlet. The refrigerating medium(alcohol) equipped by user.
4.The above specification will change due to product improvement, without prior notice. Please contact us before order if you have special requirements .
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